Made to Measure Display Case

Made to Measure Display Case
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Do you have a prized model ship, motor bike, or car that you would like to show off in your... more
Made to Measure Display Case

Do you have a prized model ship, motor bike, or car that you would like to show off in your living room? Or perhaps a beautiful mineral specimen or piece of sporting memorabilia that you would like to display for visitors? Many individual specimens do not fit neatly into pre-made cases, so if you would like an attractive, affordable case that suits your pride and joy perfectly, why not order a Made-to-Measure Display Case?


Many customer send us pictures of how they use their custom made display cases. Looking for inspirations? Then you might like to visit our Customer Gallery.


Got a question about the custom display case or need more information? Don’t hesitate to ask our trusted chatbot below—it’s here to help with all your enquiries quickly and efficiently.


Prices for custom cases begin at €29, and vary according to the size and features you are looking for. Best of all, there’s no need to wait to find out how much your dream case will cost! By using our customisation tool, you can calculate the exact price and, if you’re satisfied, add it straight to your shopping cart so that we can begin making it for you as soon as possible.

Dimensions of the acrylic case


  • When you are using the customisation tool, please remember that all measurements are in centimetres.
  • Due to the nature of acrylic panels, some combinations of dimensions (eg, a case which is 75cm tall and 75cm wide) are not possible. Making cases with these combinations would be very likely to result in breakages, which of course we work hard to avoid. Other combinations are possible, but may result in a different shipping option being used (our standard shipping option can only handle packages of certain sizes). If you select a combination of dimensions that could cause problems, an error message will appear. You may then adjust your chosen dimesions so that you can go ahead and order right away.
  • If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to  e-mail us on and one of our friendly staff members will be able to help you out.
Connector System


Step One: Choose between a display case with a base or without a base, and select your choice from the drop-down menu.

Step Two: Choose the type of back panel you would like for your case: transparent, reflective or black. Think carefully, because this will affect the appearance of your display. You may like to look at the sample pictures provided on this website to get an idea of what the different back panel options look like.

Step Three: Decide how wide you want your case to be, and select the appropriate number from the drop down called ‘Width (Inside)’. Then, select how tall you want your case to be, and select the appropriate number from the drop down called ‘Height (Inside). Finally, decide how deep you want your case to be, and select the appropriate number from the drop down called ‘Depth (Inside)’.

Step Four: Click on ‘Calculate Now’ to produce a list of the specifications for your custom case. If there is a problem with something you have entered, an error message will appear, explaining what you need to do to fix it. If everything is fine, you will see a summary which outlines the selections you have made and provides the price for your custom case.

Step Five: If you are ready to order, go ahead and click on ‘Add to Shopping Cart’, then click on ‘My Shopping Cart’ to review postage costs and check out. Alternatively, you are welcome to adjust settings as many times as you like until you find the custom case that perfectly suits your needs.

Step Six: We will build your case and ship it to you in approximately five working days. It will arrive as an easy-to-assemble kit (with illustrated instructions included) and requires no tools or adhesives to put together.

And remember: If you have any difficulties in the course of ordering a custom case, just email us on We’re always happy to help!


Connector System close-up

Sora-Shop provide you with as many options as possible for you to design your display case with the exact features you need, making it individual to you. There are three different designs for the back panel - black, transparent or reflective.

The acrylic showcases are based on a connector system. They are delivered as an easy to assemble kit and come with a fully illustrated construction manual. You can get an idea of how it looks when you browse the Construction Manual.

The acrylic parts of the construction kit are joined with small countersunk screws (M2.5) and nuts, both with a white zinc surface. The case itself is made from crystal clear 4mm thick acrylic sheets. You can choose between a transparent, a black or a reflective back panel for your individual case. Black or reflective back panels are 3mm thick.



Case Side Detail

The acrylic cases are available with or without an acrylic base.bThe base consists of two 4mm thick, transparent acrylic panels, which are bolted together. The upper panel’s width and depth match the inside dimension of the case, so it fits in precisely. The lower panel measures 1.5 cm bigger on each side and has rounded edges.


The online configuration tool uses the inside dimensions of the case among other inputs to calculate the price of your custom case.

The outside measurements of the case differ from the inside dimensions in the following ways:
Outside width = inside width + 14 mm
Outside depth = inside depth + 8 mm
Outside height = inside height + 7mm

The outside dimensions of the acrylic base (if ordered) are:
Outside width = inside width of case + 30 mm
Outside depth = inside depth of case + 20 mm

Custom Display Case


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What material are the cases made of?

What material are the cases made of?

Our custom display cases are made from acrylic glass. It's scientific name is PMMA, but you might also know it under one of it's many brand names: Plexiglas, Lucite, Acrylite or Perspex. The transparent panels of the case are made from 4mm strong acrylic glass. If you order your case with a reflective or black back-panel (and/or base), then these parts are made from 3mm thick acrylic.
I know some plastics deteriorate under sunlight. Is this a problem with acrylic glass?

I know some plastics deteriorate under sunlight. Is this a problem with acrylic glass?

No, in contrast to most other plastics, acrylic glass has the advantage that it neither gets brittle nor yellow from the exposure to UV rays. You can keep your display case under direct sunlight for many years without having to expect any change in the material quality.
Can I buy an LED lighting system for my case directly from you?

Can I buy an LED lighting system for my case directly from you?

Unfortunately we cannot offer any LED lighting systems. We are personally very enthusiastic about this subject and you will find many pictures in our customer gallery where customers installed LED stripes inside their display cases. It's an interesting subject but it goes too far beyond our area of expertise.
I need custom changes to my display case (for example a cut-out for cables). Can you do that?

I need custom changes to my display case (for example a cut-out for cables). Can you do that?

Yes, we can do that. In fact, if you need just one additional cut-out in the back-panel (starting from the bottom), you can order this directly from our shop. You just need to select a different customizable product: the custom turntable cover.
With this product type you can specify an additional cut-out in the back-panel by just giving us width, height and position.
This feature is often used for small cable cut-outs but you can also choose a cut-out that is almost as large as the entire back-panel. If you need something more complicated for your project, please just send us an e-mail and we will have a look at it.
What is the difference between a "flush base" and a "regular base"?

What is the difference between a "flush base" and a "regular base"?

The regular base and flush base are identical in function but different in design. In both cases, the display case sits
on the lower panel of the base. With the "regular base", the lower base panel protrudes beyond the width and depth of the display case and has radiused corners. To be precise, the regular base protrudes beyond the outside width of the case by 1.6cm and  protrudes beyond the outside depth by 1.2cm. With the flush base, the lower base panel is just rectangular and completely flush with the outside width and depth of the display case.
Can I order my case based on dimensions in inches?

Can I order my case based on dimensions in inches?

Our configuration tool uses centimetres as input variables but you can easily translate the inch dimensions
you require into centimetres. Just remember 1 inch = 2.54 cm.
You can actually write your dimensions with up to one decimal, so if you would like an inside width of 10 inches, you could write 25.4 cm instead.
We can only produce with 1/10 of a centimetre precision, so if your "translated" centimetre value 
has two decimals, please round the result to one decimal.
What if any part of my display case breaks - can I get replacements from you?

What if any part of my display case breaks  - can I get replacements from you?

One big advantage of our construction principle is that you don't need to buy a whole new display case if there is a little accident. Most of the time it's only one or two parts that need to be replaced. If that happens, please get in touch with us.
We can provide any replacement part for any product that you ordered from us in the past. This is also true for customized products. You can be certain that we do not take advantage of any misfortunes. Replacement parts for customized products are therefore priced very moderately.
Help, my display case parts look blue/green/scratched!

Help, my display case parts look blue/green/scratched!

Don't worry! What you are seeing is just a protective foil. All acrylic parts are coated with a protective foil on both side (except for acrylic mirrors, which are only coated on the front). This protective foil is very important to make sure that the acrylic parts don't get scratched or messy during manufacturing and shipping. This foil can be blue, green, white or simply translucent and you will often find scratches on it. Since it is very tight on the acrylic, it is easy to miss at first glance and you might assume that the parts of your case are scratched or of a totaly different colour.
However, once you remove the foil, you should find the acrylic underneath to be crystal clear and flawless.
Help, I have trouble removing the protective foil!

Help, I have trouble removing the protective foil!

On rare occasion we receive a production batch of acrylic glass where the protective foil is especially tight on the acrylic material. Fingernails are always the first weapon of choice. Don't worry, acrylic is pretty scratch-resistant. You won't be able to scratch the acrylic underneath the foil with your fingernails. It's best to start in one of the corners and scratch with your fingernail until the foil starts to come off. This will do the trick 99% of the time. If everything else fails, you might try to lift the foil in one of the corners very carefully with the help of a small coin or knife.
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Customer evaluation for "Made to Measure Display Case"
28 Jan 2023

Great display case!

I was searching the internet for an acrylic case to display my Lego set in. Many are very expensive, until I found Sora Shop. Completely customizable and very affordable. Delivery was very fast, and putting it together was quite easy, especially with the included screwdriver!

All in all, I'm very happy with my purchase, and if I need a display case in the future, I'll definitely come back.

15 Apr 2022

Absolutely perfect!

This display case is absolutely fantastic! All the panels line up perfectly and it's really easy to construct because of the excellent instructions and handy screwdriver which was included. The dimensions of the case are exactly as specified in my order and my collectable figure looks like a museum piece inside the case.
The delivery was very rapid and the product was packed with care. A highly recommended product!

13 Aug 2021

Very good product

I ordered a custom made showcase to preserve and display my Lego set.
It was delivered much faster as expected, carefully packed, with clear build instructions and a magnetic screwdriver included
The set was very easy to assemble and the end result is a very nice and crafted showcase to the specificaties which I ordered.
I would highly recommend this for anybody who needs a showcase to display a collectible of something which needs to be protected and preserved.

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