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MotU Battle Cat Case
MotU Battle Cat & Panthor Case
Acrylic case for Battle Cat© and Panthor© in blister pack from the original MotU© figures of the 1980s
From €31.00 *
MotU Vintage Case Bild 1
MotU Vintage Case
Acrylic case for MotU© figures of the 1980s in blister pack
From €18.50 *
MotU Deluxe Case
MotU Deluxe Case B with double frame
Acrylic case for the following MotU© figures of the 1980s in blister pack: Thunder Punch He-Man©, Dragon Blaster Skeletor©, Laser Power He-Man©, Laser Light Skeletor©, Hurricane Hordak©, Rotar© & Twistoid©
From €28.50 *
Masters of the Universe Classics Figures Case
MotUC Case
Acrylic Case for MotU© figures from the MotU Classics© series from 2008 in blister pack
From €19.50 *