Shipping Rates

The following shipping rates are flat P&P rates. This means they are charged only once per order, regardless
of the actual weight of the parcel. If your country is not listed below, please contact us.

Country Shipping Rate
Austria 9,- Euro
Belgium 9,- Euro
Bulgaria 12,- Euro
Czech Republic 12,- Euro
Denmark 9,- Euro
Estonia 12,- Euro
Finland 16,- Euro
France' 9,- Euro
Greece' 16,- Euro
Hungary 12,- Euro
Irleand 16,- Euro
Italy' 12,- Euro
Latvia 12,- Euro
Lithunia 12,- Euro
Luxembourg 9,- Euro
Netherlands 9,- Euro
Norway*' 19,- Euro
Poland 12,- Euro
Portugal' 16,- Euro
Romania 12,- Euro
Sweden 16,- Euro
Slovakia 12,- Euro
Slovenia 12,- Euro
Switzerland* 19,- Euro
Spain' 16,- Euro
United Kingdom* 24,- Euro
other countries on request  

* additional fees and customs charges may arise
' minor isles, remote areas and overseas territories exculded