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Many customer send us pictures of how they use their custom made display cases. Looking for... more
Custom Split Display Case

Many customer send us pictures of how they use their custom made display cases. Looking for inspirations? Then you might like to visit our Customer Gallery.

A Split Display Case is not only a great solution if the dimensions you need are just too large for a regular Made to Measure Display Case. The fact that your display case consists of two halves will also make the assembly of the case and accessing your prized collectible much easier.  After all, even with the leightweight, high quality acrylic glass we are using, a single display case of 150 x 50 x 50 cm would weigh almost twelve kilogramms and the bulky dimensions would make handling even more difficult.

So, why not divide one large and heavy display case into two lighter and easier to handle ones?
That was our reasoning when we developed the Split Display Case!

The Possibilities

You can order it to lengths of up to 220 cm and heights of up to 80 cm (internal dimensions). Your case can be either completely transparent, or have a black or mirrored back-panel. If you are interested in a matching acrylic base for your Split Display Case, you can choose from four different design options. All these options have in common, that the case is designed to slot firmly on top of the base and provide additional protection from accidentally knocking the case over.

How it's made

To ensure that both halves of the Split Display Case are structurally sound and sturdy, we do not just leave out one of the side-panels. Instead, a 'tunnel' is cut into the sides that are placed together, leaving a frame of material as a supporting structure. The required width of this frame is calculated based on the internal depth and height of the Split Display Case. You will find this value, along with the usable internal height and depth between the two halves when you enter the dimensions into the configuration tool (just above the 'add to cart'-button).

The Split Display Case is based on the same proprietary construction principle as our regular Made to Measure Display Cases. All elements are made from high quality 4mm strong light-weight and UV resistant acrylic glass (mirrors and black elements 3mm). The assembly is simple and requires no extra tools.

You would like to get a better idea how this works in practice?
This German Youtuber shows the process in great detail: ->link<-

Dimensions of the acrylic case

Using the Configuration Tool:

When you are using the configuration tool, please remember that all measurements are in centimetres. However, that doesn't mean you are limited to whole centimetre values. We can also work with inputs with a maximum of one decimal behind the delimiter (millimetre values). In this case, just enter a value of - for example '160.4' if you require a length of 1,604 mm. of  Due to the nature of acrylic panels, some combinations of dimensions (eg, a case which is 75cm tall and 75cm wide) are not possible. Making cases with these combinations would be very likely to result in breakages, which of course we work hard to avoid. Other combinations are possible, but may result in a different shipping option being used (our standard shipping option can only handle packages of certain sizes). If you select a combination of dimensions that could cause problems, an error message will appear. You may either adjust your chosen dimesions so that you can go ahead and order right away, or call Sora Shop on +49 36921 91434 to discuss your options with a staff member.



Step One: Choose the type of back panel you would like for your case: transparent, reflective or black. Think carefully, because this will affect the appearance of your display. You may like to look at the sample pictures provided on this website to get an idea of what the different back panel options look like.

Step Two (optional): Select a matching base for your split display case. Bases are available in two shapes: 'regular' or 'flush' and in two design options: 'transparent' or 'black'. Please scroll down for further details.

Step Three: Decide how wide you want your split display case to be, and enter appropriate number into the field called ‘width’. Then, select how deep you want your case to be, and enter appropriate number into the field called ‘width’. Finally, decide how tall you want your case to be, and enter appropriate number into the field called 'height'.

Step Four: If the dimensions are feasible, you will instantly see the price of your customized display case at the top of the configuration menu. Below, the corresponding external dimensions of the case, the width of the tunnel-frame and the depth and height in the place where the two halves come together ('tunnel depth' and 'tunnel height') are displayed. Please check carefully if the dimensions in the centre are still large enough for your requirements, or if you should increase the size of the entire case to offset ther effect of the frame. 

Step Five: If you are ready to order, go ahead and click on ‘Add to cart’, then click on the shopping cart icon to review postage costs and check out. Alternatively, you are welcome to adjust settings as many times as you like until you find the custom case that perfectly suits your needs.

Step Six: We will build your case and ship it to you in approximately five working days. It will arrive as an easy-to-assemble kit (with illustrated instructions included) and requires no tools or adhesives to put together.

And remember: If you have any difficulties in the course of ordering a custom case, just  email us on We’re always happy to help!


Connector System close-up

Sora-Shop provide you with as many options as possible for you to design your display case with the exact features you need, making it individual to you. There are three different designs for the back panel - black, transparent or reflective.

The acrylic showcases are based on a connector system. They are delivered as an easy to assemble kit and come with a fully illustrated construction manual. You can get an idea of how it looks when you browse the Construction Manual.

The acrylic parts of the construction kit are joined with small countersunk screws (M2.5) and nuts, both with a white zinc surface. The case itself is made from crystal clear 4mm thick acrylic sheets. You can choose between a transparent, a black or a reflective back panel for your individual case. Black or reflective back panels are 3mm thick.



The acrylic cases are available with or without an acrylic base.bThe base consists of two 4mm thick, transparent acrylic panels, which are bolted together. The upper panel’s width and depth match the inside dimension of the case, so it fits in precisely. The lower panel measures 1.5 cm bigger on each side and has rounded edges.



The online configuration tool uses the inside dimensions of the case among other inputs to calculate the price of your custom case. The outside measurements of the case differ from the inside dimensions in the following ways:

Outside width = inside width + 14 mm
Outside depth = inside depth + 8 mm
Outside height = inside height + 7mm

The outside dimensions of the acrylic base (if ordered) are:

Outside width = inside width of case + 30 mm
Outside depth = inside depth of case + 20 mm

Error Messages and Special Requests

If your desired dimensions exceed the ones available on the online configuration tool, please feel free to send us your request via e-mail. In general the configuration tool gives a good indication of the dimensions that are still possible and the ones that go beyond our production or shipping capabilities. Sometimes, we might be able to go a little bit beyond these limits, especially if the difference is just a few millimetres.
If you require additional customization, for example extra cut-outs for cables, please also let us know about your requirements. Please provide as much details as possible or a drawing with dimensions to help us answer your enquiry as quickly and accurately as possible.

Custom Display Case
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